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Is it a 'real' rendez-vous?

Or was it premeditated?

Understand the transition from an instantaneous to a premeditated photograph (what it is a staging).

Silver photographies in color in Le Havre Contemporary Art Biennale, 2006

Reflection of the seaside at the port of Le Havre (Digital Impressionist Photography)

Who has never dreamed of a quiet walk by the sea?

Boats, sky and sea: Three recurring themes of Impressionist painters, who worked from the change of light at different times of the day.

Their 'touches' of painting was very fast, leaving a 'almost blurred' perception of their paintings...

Here is the modern version of the years 2000, with only tools digital photography and the pixel.

Digital photography, 'Reflection of the seaside at the port of Le Havre'  1mx80cm, color, 2006/2007

studies of skies

(Eugène Boudin's inspiration)

studies of skies

(Eugène Boudin's inspiration)

Digital photographies, 2006/2007


When I saw the white walls of the Malraux Museum (Le Havre) empty during its restucturation, the first question I asked was: "What is the place of the works inside a museum?".


My first thought was to make reproductions of the greatest works of this Museum in photography for giving them life temporarily.

Will it be enough to avoid this empty on these walls?

pommes et bananes bonne image
Wen shin renoir bonne photo
bonne image renoir1

Digital Photographies, Black & White and Color, Exhibition Musée Malraux (Le Havre), 2006

                            - Paintings from - Félix Vallotton, Raoul Dufy & Auguste Renoir -

newspaper article

To know which is the original or the copy ...


To know how to reproduce a photography with different subtle touches...

Silver Photography, Black & White, 2005/2006


Who has never had the sensation of being followed?


Here is the detailed story of a chase in the middle of the night (like a Flim Noir).

Chinese shadowS

Have you ever been afraid of your shadow, especially at night?


Here is a small staging of two characters struggling against their shadows: they take possession of their bodies and take all the space in the picture.


Digital photographs, colors, format 50 × 32,5 cm, 2005

Sarahdanse (or Sadansera)

Many typographies exist, but I have never seen a typography with the human body.


Like the language of signs, I propose here a typography using the body in motion.


This moving body uses dance positions (classic, modern jazz, hip hop, etc ...) to create a dancing Alphabet. Each position is a letter of this alphabet and a set, a composition of movements corresponds to a sentence.


You will find the same typography but with two proposals of different names for each one. It's up to you to choose the one you prefer.  


It is now your turn to dance!

First name proposition of the typography of the Dancing Alphabet: Sadansera

Second name proposition of the dancing Alphabet typography: Sarahdanse

Digital photographs, colors, format 50 × 32,5 cm, 2005

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